The idea behind Great Reset may be older than you think

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We have already brought you several articles about the Great Reset. But we have never looked at how this idea actually came about and how long it has been around. Although it may not seem like it, the idea of the Great Reset has been with us for several years. So let’s take a look at the history of the Great Reset.

The history of Great Reset

The Great Reset promises a safer, more equal and stable world. Provided, of course, that all existing states agree on a common approach to rebuilding everything from economies to working conditions. It sounds nice, but there is a catch. For such a drastic change to be possible, you first need to have a global crisis that shakes the foundations of society. Klaus Schwab has been talking about this danger since 2014, when this idea was born.


In 2018 and in collaboration with Johns Hopkins, the WEF created a simulation of a global pandemic – Clade X. The simulation was used to see how prepared the world is for a potential crisis. A year and a bit later, the WEF approached Johns Hopkins again together with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and in October 2019 they held another pandemic exercise, called Event 201. Both simulations came to the same conclusion – the world is not ready for a pandemic. Many people see a temporal connection between the Covid 19 pandemic and these simulations because on March 11, 2020, the WHO issued a declaration that Covid 19 had reached pandemic status.

Time for Great Reset

However, almost all of the scenarios that were included in the Clade X simulation actually happened, including the collapse of some industries, growing distrust of governments, social media censorship, and riots in the streets. After these scenarios from the simulations came to pass, the WEF declared that it was time for the Great Reset. So WEF has been exploring and promoting this idea since 2014, in a variety of ways – whether through articles about restarting the economy, videos about the simulations, or the release of a book about a reset in the midst of a pandemic.

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The events of the past year and a half have shown us that the world really was not prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude. But it is important to note that people started to turn more to local sources, local communities and also to other alternatives to the state run or even globally run institutions for the help they needed. This is a sign that people are still able to co-operate and work for a common goal if the need arises and they do not need an idea from the global institution to guide them.


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