The concept of cryptocurrencies is different, but it can give us a different perspective

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Bitcoin has its own concept. One that is incompatible with today’s financial system, and because of this, it is possible to hear completely different opinions about Bitcoin and the financial system that needs to take the next step in its evolution. Let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin and its concept.

The concept of money

The concept of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is incompatible with that of the financial system that we know, that has been around for several hundred years and that we have grown up in. Ever since the beginning of Bitcoin, governments have tried to control it in some way, or to warn people that Bitcoin is dangerous and that they will lose all their money. But the truth is that the concept of free money that gives everyone the same opportunity has come into the world. The more popular Bitcoin has become, the more people have the opinion that it will one day become the world’s reserve currency.


The secret is mainly in decentralization. The difference between a centralized and decentralized system is mainly in who controls it. So when Bitcoin cannot be stopped or destroyed, a form of digital money is slowly emerging around the world, but it is centralized in the form of a central bank digital currency – CBDC. Such currencies have embraced the blockchain, just not to its full extent and capabilities, as the issuer of the currency will be a central bank. This concept is slowly expanding and it is possible that in a short time such a currency will be common.

So, is there a choice only between fully centralized CBDC or fully decentralized Bitcoin? No, there are also other alternatives.

PlatonCoin may offer an alternative

One of these alternatives is our PlatonCoin (PLTC), which combines the best of both worlds. You can experience the freedom of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain while knowing that you have an insured wallet, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. If you’d like to learn more about PlatonCoin (PLTC), drop us a line.


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