The economy needs inflation to grow, but when will it return to normal?


You may have heard that the economy needs inflation for healthy growth, which will be our main topic today. Inflation is rising, and the pandemic has shown us that it can rise much faster and higher than expected. Governments have assured that inflation will not rise as much and will remain elevated for a limited

China controls food prices, but what’s really behind it?

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China, even after high inflation and the collapse of the Lehman Bank, is introducing price controls, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and 11 ministries, including the Ministry of Finance. China attaches great importance to controlling the price of basic groceries. Let’s take a look at it. Price control, why? Prices are prone

Fear of inflation is completely rational, but is there a way to alleviate it?

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We have brought you several articles on inflation and the fear of inflation. The fear of inflation is justified and it seems to be rising faster than expected. Let’s take a look at how inflation grows and what causes it. Earlier and higher inflation Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers talked about the fact that

Fed is taking extreme steps, should we be aware?

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The Fed is taking extreme steps at the moment and its current strategy is out of anything considered normal in the books. Other central banks follow the lead and thus it may be necessary to prepare for the future. Let’s take a look at what tactics the Federal Reserve is taking and what to prepare

What can inflation tell us about return to normal after pandemic?

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Inflation can tell us many things. On the other hand, it cannot give us the big picture. There are other indicators to look at. One such thing that inflation cannot tell us is, when will the world return to normality or if there is going to be a new normality instead. Let’s look at the

Prices of food are still rising and it could be a problem soon

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Prices of food must be within acceptable levels so that everyone can eat healthily, regularly and without fear that they will not be able to afford to buy more food the next day. But inflation also affects food prices. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to pay attention to prices. Why it matters

What is SDR and should we take a deeper look?

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It is quite possible that you have heard about SDR. It is also possible that you have not. If so, you probably know what this article will be about. If not, read on. Let’s take a look at what SDR is and what it means for the global currency. Why it matters The SDR can

Purchasing power: why you should watch it and what it can tell you

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Monitoring the purchasing power of money is important. Let’s take a look at what is monitored through the power of money. Why it matters We monitor the value of money by purchasing power over time. As a result, we get inflation or deflation, which we then express as a percentage. Purchasing power therefore needs to

Inflation could be very intimidating, is there a way to get ready for it?

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Investment and inflation, two “popular” words you can hear very often these days. Investing is putting money in something that increases in value over time. Land or houses can be such an investment. You can clearly see what happened to their price due to inflation. The apartment that you could have bought years ago for

Most Americans are afraid of inflation, should we be afraid too?

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The world is starting to be afraid of inflation. It was still here, but due to the pandemic, it is higher than before. How do people perceive inflation? Let’s take a look at the data provided by the CivicScience survey. Why it matters Inflation always has a reaction. When the prices of basic things and

This economic crisis may not just be another crisis

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The words “economic crisis” could make us think that many things can collapse. The truth is that another crisis awaits us. But will it really be just another crisis? Let’s take a look at how another economic crisis may not be a complete crisis. Is inflation really that much needed? Technology is constantly pushing our