The biggest mistake of 2020 was to rely on state for help

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According to an economist the recent events have shown that relying on the state for help was the biggest mistake one could make in 2020.

Let’s take a look at how states have managed to undermine people’s trust.

Closing and opening the economy

Last year was also a huge test for states and governments due to the pandemic situation. Basically, due to the lockdown, the economy stopped almost completely. It was opened and closed again and again. In some places it was opened back slowly, in others it remains closed. The markets started to falter and fall and people realized what was really going on. Governments have tried to help economies in every way possible, but it has not always worked the way it was supposed to.

There were various forms of assistance. Among them were government incentives, aid for people in bad situation or state aid free of provision and others. Here, however, it must be emphasized that the aid did not reach the promised dimensions and scope.

People helped themselves

But the people provided most of the help during the first wave themselves. It turned out that people can still help each other, treat each other nicely, and we realized what humanity is all about. For some time, people were able to step in and cover up the mistakes or the situations that the state did not handle well.

However the pandemic showed us its next stage, causing instability and fears of inflation with wave after wave of measures and closures coming back into force as countries tried to combat the returning coronavirus. People found out that they have to stop relying on the state for help and look for other ways that would work better, for example for hedging against inflation. The number of people investing in cryptocurrencies has risen sharply during the pandemic and it is still rising.

Platon Finance offers a way

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