Saxo Bank: Outrageous predictions for 2021

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In December, Saxo Bank published its traditional “10 Outrageous Predictions for 2021”. The publication presents 10 scenarios in it, which seem very unlikely. However, the truth is, that these scenarios might not be completely impossible.

Let’s take a look at the shocking forecasts from Saxo Bank.

Pandemic, vaccines, collapse

The world has been hit this year by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still having a huge impact on the economy, the people themselves and it also changed the perspective on many things. Thus, we can find in the predictions of Saxo Bank that the vaccine could be very successful and also the subsequent return to normal life will overheat the economy and cause the collapse of many companies.

Hope, fusion and improvements

At the same time, however, we can find hope in these predictions that we can reverse some of the negative tendencies, such as the disintegration of society. And how? For example, the fact that MIT scientists could build a functioning fusion reactor and the quality of life will improve many times over, and this would also mean a huge improvement for the economy.

Economy and cashless society

China is increasingly promoting its digital currency and moving towards a cashless society. Given that this currency can also be used by foreign investors, it seems to be a good alternative to the US dollar. As for foreign investors, it is unlikely, but not unrealistic, that Cyprus will agree to rewrite the tax package so that everything is beneficial for Amazon. Such an agreement would be very helpful for Cyprus to repay its debts.


These are few of the very unlikely scenarios. However, maybe some of the Saxo Bank predictions will be, at least partially, fulfilled. What do you think might happen? We will see what future will bring. Let us prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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