PlatonCoin was listed on crypto exchange Emirex


PlatonCoin was listed on crypto exchange Emirex, the leading crypto exchange for the Middle East region with a tradition dating back to 2017.

On April 30, 2021, the digital currency PlatonCoin was listed on one of the leading crypto exchanges in the Middle East region, which was founded in 2017. Thanks to this cooperation, PlatonCoin will be available for trading conveniently for clients from this part of the world.

Emirex crypto exchange was created in response to the lack of access to digital assets in the region at the beginning of 2017, at that time only for Bitcoin under the name BitMex – Bitcoin Middle East Exchange. In 2019, the platform expanded its services, became more professionalized and rebranded as, reflecting its roots.

The goal of the Emirex crypto exchange is to further develop the platform, develop multi-level trading and support services with an individual approach to each customer, from beginners to institutional traders. Emirex crypto exchange provides more payment options as well as continuous customer support accompanied by time-tested platform stability, which guarantees the security of assets and data.

Platon Finance is a Central European fintech startup that is working on its core idea of ​​introducing digital currencies for businesses and the general public by providing user-friendly secure solutions for B2B and B2C operations. Platon Finance has developed these solutions based on blockchain technology using PlatonCoin digital token as a means of entering the world of digital currencies. PlatonCoin from Platon Finance is one of a new generation of cryptocurrencies that adds additional benefits and possibilities to the original idea of ​​cryptocurrencies. PlatonCoin enables holders to participate in the entire ecosystem by maximizing the ease of use of the cryptocurrency for the public and businesses.

Platon Finance offers a unique digital wallet that includes insurance to help secure the renowned international consulting firm Anderson in the London market, while all data is secured by Symantec. The digital wallet already fully meets the requirements of KYC and AML and will offer the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH BCH, XLM, PLTC.

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