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Our global society has transformed from the stone age to our modern digital age through the application of innovations. Innovation is a challenge that transcends the limits of our knowledge. The combination of the old and the new world gives us the opportunity to overcome ourselves.

The world, as we knew it, is changing and slowly disappearing. Innovation is affecting all sectors of the economy and it is changing the form, characteristics as well as the nature of human needs.

The society is now targeted mainly at achieving:

– increased energy efficiency,
– better resource efficiency,
– greater social interest,
– shared economy
– effective management of day-to-day processes at both corporate and personnel levels.

Platon Life is an applied solution:

PlatonLife offers one of the possible solutions for the afore mentioned needs. The ecosystem, which is Platon Life, uses digital currency – PlatonCoin for distribution purposes, where it replaces cash with a payment tool for exchange of goods and services.

The platform itself is evolving with the aim of creating an interconnected community through the constant expansion of B2B and B2C solutions, bringing together the latest technology with traditional community values.

The main tools of Platon Life ecosystem are:

a) Insured wallet and ecosystem
b) Coverage of cyber risks
c) Exchange system
d) Active identification through KYC
e) Application of the control system via AML
f) Payment gateway
g) Educational process

Solution for user needs

The overall functionality of the ecosystem aims to provide users with a full-fledged solution to both personal and business requirements and needs, that are:

a) Anonymity of transactions
b) Speed ​​of operations
c) Security of transactions
d) High functionality
e) Transparency
f) Practical applicability and daily use


Platon Life can help you with transition from “stone age” to digital age with the latest innovations such as digital currencies and digital wallets, all that while not giving up security and transparency.

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    Kontaktujte prosím náš help desk nebo svého obchodního zástupce.

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