NFT is a good opportunity to invest, but is it worth it?

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The NFT has been experiencing a big boom lately. Due to their growing popularity during 2020, it could be expected that their popularity will continue to increase. Let’s take a look at how non-fungible tokens can change the world of art and games.

Why it matters

The NFTs, especially during the pandemic, have grown a lot and have become a new source of income for artists. This doesn’t just apply to the artistic sphere, NFT’s have found useful application within other industries too, including the Video Game industry. But the important thing is that you can support your favorite artist by buying his NFT, if he publishes any. If you buy an NFT, then you own it outright.

What you can hear

Many works are transformed into NFT. Recently, for example, Sophia, in collaboration with the artist Andrea Bonacet NFT, created her faces, which were sold at auction for $688,000. There has also been speculation that Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, the world’s most expensive work of art, can be auctioned as a non-fungible token. The starting price would be around $450 million.

What it could mean

In the future, it could be one of the main sources of income for artists and collectors. These tokens are not very liquid at the beginning and would represent a type of a long-term investment. If you collected Pokémon cards or played Magic the Gathering in your youth, you probably already know this principle.

What you can do

The non-fungible tokens are a part of the digital world and are a good investment opportunity. It may be worthwhile to think about whether it is not good to start investing and thus protect your assets. Investments can be diverse, and if you’re not sure how to get started, check out the Platon Trading Academy materials to guide you through the world of investment from the start.


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