Neoliberalism is a nemesis to nowadays society – How can we fight it?

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Neoliberalism is started out as a good idea. However recent events proved that it is not working and economists have been lying to us for decades about it.

Let’s take a look at how economists are not telling us the truth.

A nemesis that many people don’t know about

First, let’s take a look at what this ideology called “neoliberalism” is, because at present, this is the driving force of our economy.

What started out as a good idea of having less state interventions, with more deregulation and privatization of the economy completely got out of hand lately with large corporations having more power and money than states and forcing thus upon these states their own rules that suit the corporations, but not the economy, people or environment.

But what about the normal, working people? They probably don’t even know that something like that exists and that it’s really not a good thing for their well-being. Misconceptions, spread by the rich, who become even richer thanks to the financial system that was bent to their advantage, with the effort to keep the labor cheap.

So what does such a neoliberal economist believe in? In fact it is what you hear almost all the time – wage growth destroys jobs, higher taxes destroy economic growth, and the government destroys business with its regulations. Does that sound familiar to you? In that case, you just didn’t know until now that it was neoliberalism.

The way out

The ideology of neoliberalism affects absolutely all sectors of everyday life, and the rich and powerful use the sweet ignorance of common people to their advantage. But is there a way, how to prevent it? How not to allow those who abuse power to take control of the lives of ordinary people? It is necessary to find a way to protect your money and your property from the constant stagnation of salaries and the rise in price of essential items.

There are more ways how to do that, for example cryptocurrencies offer such a possibility. By investing in the right ones, you can get out of the economic cycle of depression and recession, and keep the value of your property in a case of a sudden crisis.


We are now able to name the problem and furthermore now we can do something about it. Investing in cryptocurrencies today is easy. Just remember the golden rule of investing: invest only as much as you can afford to lose.


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