Money of the future is shaped by today’s actions

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Money is something that many people use every day. Have you ever wondered how money will work in a few years? Where will the world and society develop?

Let’s take a look at what the future could hold for us.

A pandemic will change the way you look at money

This year, the world has been hit by a pandemic. It is relentless, hard and has affected many people and industries. Because of this situation, people began to look at many things in a completely different way. After the financial system proved incompetent, cryptocurrencies were much more likely to be used. People trusted them as protection against inflation.

At the same time, governments are trying to develop the digital currency option as quickly as possible, so that cash would no longer be needed. But the arrival of the CBDC is causing panic in many people. Could it be the so-called Big Brother who would see everything we do? But people decide differently, they choose freedom.

The robot does not need a salary

Another big issue is the robotics and automation in industry. Properly built and set up, a robot is faster and more efficient than a human. And as a bonus, it doesn’t need a salary or sleep, but only electricity and service, and it can work all the time. But what about those who lost their jobs because of robots? If everything is controlled by robots, where will humans get money?

In order for the economy to remain vibrant and for robots to have someone to produce to, humans will have a universal basic income. It will be money that everyone gets, without any conditions. The society will relax, the stress of not having to pay the bills will be eliminated and people will use blockchain based digital currencies.


If we make the right decision now, it is possible that the future will filled with peace and freedom. Of course, we still have a long way to go to such a point. But whether that point comes sooner or later, we are definitely now facing  the choice of which path to take.


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