Malware attacks on digital wallets is now a real threat, how to protect your assets?

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Malware attacks can cause a lot of problems, even cause you loosing your assets. Now it is a real threat also for digital wallets. Safety is very important and often neglected by many. Let’s take a look at what attacks you can experience in the crypto world.

Why it matters

One of the recent attacks was perpetrated using a piece of malware called “Panda”. This malware targeted crypto wallets and other private data (Discord, Steam, NordVPN…). This was data-stealing malware, so it was trying to steal your data and then send it back to its creator, who will then most likely monetize the data. Since this malware spreads mainly over the web, it reached its victims via emails that contained an attachment. Once the attachment was opened, a PowerShell script would run to find and download the malware and everything was set.

What you can hear

A lot of people who are in the crypto business will tell you that it’s a risk you have to mainly solve by yourself. You are the only person responsible for your digital funds and once you make a mistake or somebody steals your funds, there is a little possibility that you will ever get it back. So, unfortunately, the truth is that if you lose your cryptocurrency, it is just like if you send your assets to a different address than you intended.

How to prevent it

Basically, caution and prudence is needed whether you’re opening and reading emails or just browsing the web. Malware doesn’t just have to come to you in an email, you can also download it in a file from a site. You definitely need to have a good antivirus that can reliably find and catch viruses.

What else you can do

But if viruses put you off entering the crypto world, we can still offer you a solution. Our crypto wallet is the only one insured up to €1,000,000. So with us, you don’t have to worry at all about loosing your assets or your money due to a malware or hacker attack. Not only our wallet is insured, but it is also safeguarded by the best in this field, company Broadcom (Symantec).


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