Even in crisis salaries in blockchain field are skyrocketing

Salaries, skyrocketing

Companies are looking for experts in the field of blockchain and they are offering very competitive salaries, even in the times of global economic crisis.

The demand for these experts is huge. Maybe you should also consider requalification for this field, while there is still time and the opportunity window is open.

More than double

If we look at the statistics, we find that the starting salary for a blockchain expert is around USD 2,865. That’s 133% more than last year, when it was around $ 1,230. This shows a huge demand for these experts. And probably their lack. However, we are talking about starting salaries.

For an expert with more than 3 years of experience in this field, companies often offer as much as USD 7,000.

It’s not just giants

At the same time, it is not just internet giants hiring in this field, but also banking institutions. Most companies require programmers, engineers, developers and other technical staff.

The use of blockchain has increased

This rocketing increase in demand can be attributed to the increased use of blockchain, so there is a need for programmers who have experience with blockchain. In general, the use of blockchain technology has increased.

Blockchain is used in many fields today, and experts who understand their work are needed. For example, during the pandemic, the blockchain proved to be a very robust system that can handle crisis situations. And this will probably be one of the reasons why companies want to implement it in their strategies as soon as possible.


There are a few quality programmers. The less of them programs in a blockchain field. On the other hand, blockchain gives an opportunity to those who want to shine. Now is a great time to consider requalification, specially if you are locked at your home with very little other things to do. Or learn more about trading crytocurrencies, or some other new skill that would be useful in the turbulent times to come.

Source: coininsider.com

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