Hot news: Satoshi’s era wallet has been activated with 791 BTC

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Key message: The popular tracking bot Whale Alert has revealed that a BTC wallet, created 9 years ago, was reactivated. It cointains 791 BTC.

Satoshi’s era bitcoins

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the individual or group of people responsible for the creation of Bitcoin. There has long been speculation as to who it could be and while there are guesses, there are those who want to appropriate the name, such as Craig Wright.

Old wallets

But something happened that no one expected, the wallet that was founded just after Nakamoto went into seclusion has been reactivated after 9 years. There are 791 BTC on the wallet, the equivalent of roughly 26 million dollars.

The wallets that were established at that time of Satoshi’s era, are very old wallets of the early adopters of the primary cryptocurrency. This February and March saw the transfer of a large amount of bitcoins – roughly around 7,000 BTCfrom such old wallets. Again, these were wallets from the Satoshi era that had not been active for a long time.

These whale movements could also cause the price of Bitcoin to fluctuate, when somebody dumps a large amount of bitcoins on the market.

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