Hot news: ASMR as NFT, or “Free Like a Butterfly” by xtingles

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Key message: If you’re a fan of ASMR, you’ll be pleased to hear this. The mobile platform xtingles has announced its first ASMR NFT drop called “Free Like a Butterfly”. This drop will be launched for the first time on September 16, 2021 and the dedicated xtingles NFT marketplace will be launched on the same day.


ASMR has many fans, and now those who also cherish cryptocurrencies can celebrate. According to CVO, listeners who were able to enjoy the NFT before the launch were very appreciative of their first experience and described it as motivating but also reassuring. NFT will launch on September 16 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time and will be the first launch of the xtingles marketplace.

The “Free Like a Butterfly” NFT will be obtainable for minting 29 FUSD, which is the stablecoin used by Flow Blockchain. However, the mintage will not be available after 11am Eastern time on September 21. However, tokens can also be purchased using a credit or debit card. This period was created for those who don’t already have FUSD. In order to obtain FUSD and before using the platform, users will need to go through mandatory KYC with Moonpay.

Although NFTs are experiencing a huge boom, some users still don’t completely trust these unmistakable tokens. That’s why xtignles has decided to rethink trading, creating an experience for its users so they can get their NFTs without having to go through the classic and often lengthy processes.

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