Financial crisis could last until 2030 – why?

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You probably know that we are currently in a time of a global financial downturn, or else, financial crisis. The truth is, however, that this crisis was not entirely caused by the pandemic, but long term circumstances led to it. The pandemic only accelerated everything. Let’s look at why the crisis should have been expected.

Why it matters

History has the habit of repeating itself. In the case of crises, it is no different. Like the seasons, those historical cycles have their time and rhythm. Interestingly, these periods are also happen in groups of 4 and they are as follows: High Age, Awakening, Unravelling and Crisis.

During the High Age, institutions are strong and individualism is weak. Awakening is about institutions being attacked in the name of personal and spiritual autonomy. Unravelling is in many ways the opposite of High. Institutions are weak and distrustful, while individualism is strong and flourishing. And the final period is the crisis, a time in which institutional life is torn down completely and rebuilt from the ground up.

What you can hear

You may have heard stories of closed shops and small businesses, or circumstances may have forced you to close your own shop or service. Many people have also suffered job loss. Unfortunately, these are the sad effects of the global crisis we are currently experiencing. Everybody now is asking the same question, how long will this crisis last?

What it could mean

Every crisis, including financial crisis, has to have an end. But it is quite possible that this time the crisis could last well into the next decade, which is probably not something you wanted to hear. But better be prepared for the worst and surprised with a better outcome than the other way around. This estimate was carried out on the basis of how long each cycle lasts. According to history, the crisis cycle can last around ten years and thus we are just in the beginning. That said, it has also a silver lining. There is still time to prepare and when we survive this crisis, it is quite possible that we will have a new beginning with new opportunities.

What you can do

Preparing for a financial crisis is not easy at all and often requires a lot of time and study. But you need to understand and know the financial world and possibly look for suitable alternatives that can offer you security. One such alternative may be Platon Coin (PLTC). If you would like to learn more about it, you can study it on our website.


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