How could the Internet eliminate its current dangers with the help of blockchain?

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We all use the Internet, you are reading this article thanks to it right now. But have you ever wondered if there is any way to improve the Internet?

Currently, if you want to visit a website, you need to enter its URL which redirects you to the addressed content on the server and in the best case scenario you are already viewing the required website in a few milliseconds.

But that puts aces in the hands of those who want to manipulate the website and redirect it somewhere else. If the site does not have good security, it will take you somewhere else without you even noticing. And that is just the start. Companies harvest all the data about you and your preferences. Hackers are waiting for you to input your personal information or downright rob you of your money. All that is possible, because the internet is centralized.

Decentralization is the way

Unfortunately, the internet as we know it is now centralized. Even if you don’t like it, the internet is never completely anonymous, and if someone has certain knowledge how to, they will always have the ability find you.

Thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to find a lot of information, meet new people, and engage even with state institutions. This includes a variety of dangers such as security threats, large coporations harvesting your data without your permission and other similar problems that our internet now has to face.

But there is a solution to this. Inspiration can come from cryptocurrencies, blockchain and how they function. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are for everyone, just as the internet could be. Similarly, there could be decentralized online identity , which will give the data and control over them back to the users.

Your data will no longer be the subject of harvest or attack if it is decentralized and thus there is not a single centre storing all of the information. In addition, with a decentralized Internet, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. It is democratic and open for all, just like its original idea.


The internet as we know it has many shortcomings that we can improve. With a decentralized digital identity and the use of blockchain, we coud achieve a safer, fairer and friendlier internet that is also secure.


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