Could tokenization be a powefrul tool for future sustainable business?

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We live in a time when the global economy model is completely changing. Blockchain-based tokenization could be a powerful tool for further development.

Our current business models are unsustainable,that is why we need to create sustainable business models in the digital world. Now is the perfect time and blockchain-based tokenization could help with this situation.

Sustainable business models

There are many business platforms. We can find them in the forms of food delivery applications to mobile networks. In order for these platforms to generate value, both supply and demand need to grow steadily. We can use a car-sharing application ss an example. It is attractive for drivers because it eliminates the need for a third party, thus generating extra money and by customers by being cheaper than taxi or public transport. This creates the generation of supply and demand.

Threats to sustainability

Here we come across competition. Once a competition emerges, that uses the same strategy, the original owner has to develop or move to another platform. This will put trading platforms in the same visious cycle as the current business models found themselves stuck in, and thus jeopardize the sustainability.

Tokenization could solve that

Tokenization could create a limited supply of tokens, their exclusive use and availability and thus motivate platform owners to co-own and users to be loyal without the need to engage in ever lasting unsustainable growth. It would create an ecosystem, where the customer base would grow, which would increase the value of tokens in the ecosystem. As the value of tokens grows, so would the number of users and service providers.

However, this incentive mechanism would need to be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements. In accordance with the law, it will be necessary to determine the type of token and its exact properties and regulation. There are also concerns about security of user data and funds, which would have to be solved.


The sustainability of the global economy is of utmost importance, especially at a time when it is becoming more and more digital. Blockchain-based tokenization is not perfect yet, but it could be fine tuned and gradually work up from local communties to making a big difference in global sustainability.


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