Práca na CBDC sa pre Čínu skončila, čo bude ďalej?


In 2014, China first announced work on its CBDC, the digital yuan. Since then, China has been releasing details about its CBDC and its use. It was only in October last year that we were able to read the announcement that China had consolidated its status as a pioneer of virtual currency thanks to legal support.

Prečo je to dôležité

CBDC is the acronym for Central Bank Digital Currency, which the central bank can issue immediately to anyone who can receive it. At the same time, unlike cryptocurrencies, it is completely traceable, and with each coin you can trace the history of where it was used and who ever held it. However, it is not only a step forward in digitizing the world, but also an instrument so that people can spend more. Recently, China conducted a lottery where it selected winners for digital currency testing. They then downloaded the application and received a “red envelope” worth about $30 and could spend it at will. A successful test will mean that implementation will only be a matter of time.

Čo môžete počuť

However, the CBDC is not just in China. The central bank’s digital currency is being tested by many countries around the world, and many say it is the next step in digitization and security. However, other problems may arise. At this time, many people do not have access to a bank account or simple banking services. Because digital currencies require wallets on phones, there could be a future dilema where those who can’t or don’t want to work with technology will have no access to banks at all.

Čo to môže znamenať

But the truth is that a few days ago, the digital yuan became official. Basically, the only thing left was the approval of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Thus, China began to create its own digital economy. In the future, it could slowly begin to change the financial system as we know it today, and China is the first to officially issue its digital currency.

Čo môžete urobiť

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