5 hlavných dôvodov, prečo je digitálna mena ako Visa

Visa, Bitcoin

History is something we should take an example and learn from. Let’s take a look at Visa for example.

Visa, which most of you know from a credit/debit card, has an interesting history. Let’s take a look at how the beginnings of this company are very similar to today’s situation in the cryptoworld. It may come as a surprise that Visa itself does not issue any cards. It is neither a bank nor another financial institution. For most of its existence, it was a non-profit co-operative association run by a group of financial institutions it serves. Visa actually makes money move.

Initial completely new idea

We could start with how people perceive money. Changing a habit or perspective is not always easy, and Dee Hock, the founder of Visa, knew that it was necessary to change people’s perspectives first. So he started with the ad “Think of it as money”.

old visa ad

Today, we can find this approach at ETH, for example: “Ethereum is money”.

Visa knew that a network was needed for success. In this case, it was a network of terminals that would accept payments by cards. Doesn’t that sound a little familiar to you?


Everything must evolve. For card payments, the time was not always favorable, especially in its beginnings. If you wanted to buy something more expensive in the 70’s, the whole payment process took about 15 minutes. There were phone calls to the bank, inspection of the account, permission/rejection and so on. It took a long way, a lot of time and experimentation to today’s “beep”. It’s quite similar with today’s blockchain.


You can also talk about a revolution. Card payment was a revolution. It accelerated time and made people think that their money was safer. Dee Hock understood that one day money must become “alphanumeric data”. The question arises why we are still dealing with fiat.


And the last common sign. Dee Hock understood that in order to work with everyone, he had to be neutral. It was extremely important to build a network that everyone can use without differences and the opportunity to “be better than others”. That everyone needs to pay the same fees and have the same rights and obligations. He achieved this through strict rules and regulations. Which is something we need today for cryptocurrencies. Clear rules. Blockchain has them at its core.


We can find many similarities between Visa and kryptomeny. If the history repeats itself, will we see massive adoption of cryptocurrencies sooner or later.

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