Ako by mohla vyzerať budúcnosť platieb?

budúce platby

Have you ever thought about how the future for finances and payments will look like? Will blockchain and cryptocurrencies prevail, or will we stay with a centralized system?

Let’s take a look at what the future of money might look like.


Anyone who is interested in finance and has entered into cryptocurrencies has an opinion on whether cryptocurrencies revolutionize finance. However, the truth is that in just ten years, Bitcoin has brought a lot of confusion to finances. It is possible that in the next 10 years, everyday life with finances will look completely different.

Only some people realize that money, as such, is the result of norms. That’s why they work the same way around the world.

A uniform way makes everything easier. In a word, it is standardization. It can also make many things easier, and we as humans can be sure that the standard thing works the same everywhere. It is something like McDonald’s. You always know that you will get a standardized hamburger in any country.


Bitcoin suddenly entered the captured financial standard and caused a lot of confusion over time. The financial system is trying to face the competition, which is called the CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency. The irony is that they want it to look like cryptocurrencies, with one difference. With CBDC, the government will know where you are, who you are, how much money you have, and if necessary, it can delete or freeze all your digital money.

Governments are trying to prepare for such a future of finance and payments. A future where it is possible that they will follow you with digital money. Kryptomeny brought the possibility of freedom, choice and escape from the centralized system.


The future of payments will be what we humans make of it. We can have a future with freedom, where no one can control us through our money. Or we may have a future which is full of control. The decision is entirely up to the people. And the time to decide is now.

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