Veľký reset - dá sa z neho vyťažiť?

Reset, 10. týždeň, RUNE

You have already heard about the Great Reset from us. Is there any way to take advantage of the Great Reset?

Let’s take a look at what can be done with the Great Reset.

Centralized monetary system

Money is a system of rules that we follow. In the current system, which is centralized, government is the main player. The Great Reset will try to transfer the current financial system into a fully digital form. The government should be involved in the financial system, but only in the spirit of good governance. The pandemic has shown us that the central bank can print as much money as it wants. In the case of both gold, Bitcoin, and PLTC their amount is a finite number, which is why many people resort to them. If the CBDC would be used for cross-border transactions, it could endanger a lot of things. Centralized power has proven many times in history that it can be wrong. It might not seem as a danger at first, but it can be very easily abused.

Financial independence

Being independent is a freedom that many people cannot achieve. Whether it’s du eto bad management or for other reasons, financial independence is something that can help you in many ways. One way to become independent is to start investing. You don’t have to invest much. Just small amounts, but regurarly. Many things need to be studied before investing, because the worst thing is a “blind” investment. Financial independence can help take advantage of the Great Reset because you will be one step ahead.

Platon Finance offers help

If you are interested in investing but have not yet had the courage to start, sign in our webinars or read our articles on investment that will guide you through the world of digital finance. They will give you valuable advice on how to get started and what to do so that you don’t get lost in the big world of finance. But remember the golden rule of investing – invest only as much as you can afford to lose.


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