Nasledovať alebo nenasledovať: Časť 4 - trendy, ktoré treba sledovať v kryptografii


We bring you the last part of an overview of interesting trends worth following next year.

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Let’s take a look at our last part of what trends are worth following closely.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

NFT is currently a widespread term. As Magic The Gathering or Pokémon cards used to be collected, today the NFT is collected. These are tokens with a real value, where the value can climb to very high amounts, because the same token could no longer be available. The NFT is the gateway to the virtual game and digital art world, where each work of art will have its own value expressed through the NFT. Do you want to buy a trading card? No problem, NFT will provide it to you. This trend will continue to develop and it is definitely worth following.

There is more to watch out for

Besides the positive trends, there are also other not such positive trends. Among these are the rising attempts of governments to control and regulate cryptocurrencies in a harmful way for this field, the fact that some more autoriatarian countries are trying to ban cryptocurrencies, repeated attempts to censor cryptocurrencies on large social media, state controled digital currencies (CBDC) that could try to replace decentralized cryptocurrencies and more.


It’s definitely not good to rest on your laurels and leave everything as it is now, just because it works. The cryptocurrency field is one of the fastest changing and developing fields and what was working today could be obsolete tomorrow, so you have to follow up closely, what is going on. But that is true not only for individuals, but also for companies, that is the reason why Platon Finance will keep innovating and bringing you the newest technological solutions also in the next year and the future.


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