Existuje možnosť, že trh je zmanipulovaný? Toto si myslia Američania!

trh, 21. týždeň

Many people in America think that the financial market is rigged. What does this mean for them and how would this affect them? Does it mean anything for the future? Let’s take a look at how Americans perceive this possible scenario.

Prečo je to dôležité

The recession that is currently taking place on the market is widening the gap between those who can invest and those who can’t afford that. The recovery that is hopefully now starting, is rather K-shaped, meaning that some industries will start recovering while others will continue downwards, thus widening wealth inequality. The survey respondents were mostly individual investors, so they were not people who would manage a large amount of assets.

Čo môžete počuť

Nearly half of the Americans in the survey said that the market is being manipulated against individuals. Surprisingly, most of those who invest think the same. People do not feel that there are the same conditions for everybody on the market. An interesting fact is that only 13% disagreed with the idea of ​​a manipulated market and only 5% strongly disagreed. This data can be found in a new survey from Bankrate.com and YouGov.

Čo to môže znamenať

The widening of inequalities in wealth may be a major problem in the future. Of course, people realize that money is needed to create wealth and investment. However, few people realize that they do not have to invest only large amounts. Often, a small but regular investment and portfolio diversification can pay off even better in the longer term.

Čo môžete urobiť

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