Ak chcete stúpať, je potrebná evolúcia, nie pravidlá fyziky


How do you imagine evolution of government and finance? Like a huge machine that can work when you set precise rules? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Let’s take a look at what you do wrong when you think about government and money.

Evolution, not infinite rules

Many people, including politicians, view government as a machine that complies with the laws of physics. This means that when clear rules are set, everything should work essentially on its own. That is not entirely true. It is more of an evolution. The government should adapt to events and constantly evolve into better shape.

The same goes for money. The currency that was here many years ago would hardly meet today’s people’s needs. So the financial system had to evolve in some way and adapt to how society works.

The development is therefore completely logical for the next years of our civilization. The financial system must evolve into a form that suits future generations and ensures the necessary security of payment. In the past, trains full of gold were hijacked, today hackers try to hack into your computer and get passwords to your internet banking.

Platon Life and evolution

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Evolution is necessary both for the development of humanity and for the development of money and government. None of this is just a big machine that can work indefinitely on the basis of clear rules. But it is a living organism, an ecosystem, that is constantly evolving and growing.

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