Aj digitálne meny majú svoju históriu a vy by ste ju mali poznať

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When you invest in something, digital currencies for an example, it’s definitely a good idea to know the history of that asset. The history of these assets will tell you whether it is a scam or an asset in which you can invest without fear. But let’s take a look how digital currencies came into the world.

Prečo je to dôležité

The very first mention of digital money comes from 1983 by David Chaum. He published a document in which he developed the idea of ​​digital money called DigiCash. Thanks to this company, the world learned about e-gold, which was the very first widely used digital asset. E-gold worked similarly to today’s cryptocurrencies, without the involvement of third parties. Although e-gold was stopped in 2008, it turned out that money could be used digitally and that it would be a very popular idea.

Čo môžete počuť

Different things can be heard from different sides. From people who already trade in digital assets it can be heard that everything is absolutely great and that you definitely have to try it too. There is a certain skepticism on the side of governments that this maight be a tool for money laundering. Some people think of digital assets as a bubble, such as Bitcoin.

Čo to môže znamenať

Digitization of assets can bring various things in the future. What is certain is that the financial system will certainly need to be changed from the ground up to meet the needs of the future. The options are different. It is possible that we will have a future with CBDC, or we will use a cryptocurrency or a digital currencies that will suit all needs.

Čo môžete urobiť

If you would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and their possibilities, read our articles about the history of finance. And as for our PlatonCoin, it was funded on December 1, 2017 by Daniel and Julia Tanner with an idea of an ecosystem which would be decentralized and fair for everyone.

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