Ako si vybrať dobrú cryptoexchange a 5 najobľúbenejších cryptoexchanges

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What are the main questions you should ask yourself, when choosing a cryptoexchange? What to look for and how selected cryptoexchanges compare? Let’s find out:

Does the cryptoexchange support purchases from the Czech Republic/Slovakia?

Some cryptoexchanges are focused only at certain markets and it happens that it is not possible for us Europeans to use the services of a given stock exchange. In the same way, it sometimes works the other way around. Always check on the cryptoexchange website whether the Czech Republic/Slovakia is among the supported countries. 

What are the payment options?

Is it possible to pay by card, cash, bank transfer or only in digital currency? Choose one that supports your preferred form of payment and the resulting level of anonymity.

What are the fees?

You will definitely want to verify that the fees are not unnecessarily high and are justified. You can find out by comparing them with other competing platforms. You can also use our comparison of selected cryptoexchanges below.

Is the cryptoexchange secure enough?

Security is one of the most important factors that should not be overlooked. Is the website of the stock exchange HTTPS or HTTP? In this case, select only those with HTTPS. Does it offer secure login with two-factor authentication (2FA)? These are the two basic things to look at.

What cryptocurrencies can you buy?

What range of kryptomeny are offered here? Consider your priorities and choose one that offers cryptocurrency trading that you want to buy. You can always find this information on the exchange website.

Comparison of selected most popular cryptoexchanges:



PlatonFinance recommends (besides the obvious choice, our own wallet with exchange), using Changelly. It offers a very friendly and easy user interface together with high level of security due to the fact that it does not keep the assets on accounts and thus it is not prone to hackers. There is also a wide selection of cryptocurrencies available. And last, but not least, the fees for services are very favourable. It is the best ratio between performance and price.

*UPDATE Oct. 8th, 2020 – Important information for clients about PLTC / BTC transfers at Changelly:
Changelly exchange was successfully implemented in the wallet. We are now in the phase of gradually building up the technological processes and stabilizing liquidity, due to the recent listing on Changelly and HitBTC. This means for our clients that before liquidity stabilizes at this exchange platform, there may be price drops and large differences between the purchase and sale price. Therefore, Platon Finance does not currently recommend for its clients to make transfers on Changelly between PLTC and BTC in larger quantities. If you wish to exchange your PLTC, you can use one of our other exchanges, where liquidity is already stable – for example DigiFinex. We will inform you about further developments in our regular newsletter and on our website.












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