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Keep your digital currencies safe at all times,
with Platon Life and partners Microsoft and Broadcom.

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Platon Life
digital wallet

  • Safe storage for up to 8 digital currencies.
  • Digital wallet insured against theft or loss up to EUR 1,000,000.
  • PlatonCoin staking and with staking rewards as high as 8.4%.
  • Secure and fast sending and receiving of digital currencies.
  • No hidden fees.
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Creating a Platon Life wallet is non-binding and free of charge. It is a secure way to buy, sell, or keep digital currencies. We also offer our premium clients the option of insuring the wallet up to EUR 1,000,000.

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Security always
comes first with us

  • Your account is protected by two-factor and biometric authentication.
  • Insure your digital wallet against theft or loss up to EUR 1,000,000.
How do I register in a secure wallet?

By registering, you automatically get your digital wallet insured up to EUR 4,000. If you use the Blossom membership you have your finances insured up to EUR 10,000. Private clients can achieve up to EUR 100,000 insurance for their wallet.

How much can I have my wallet insured for?

Signing up for the wallet is very simple. I open, click on the “create an account” icon and undergo KYC verification (unfortunately, this step is unavoidable for financial products). After completing all the steps, I have created an account with our digital wallet (which is completely free). If I want to activate my wallet’s insurance amount, I go to the membership section. Based on my membership level, I will get the resulting insurance amount for my already created digital wallet.

Do I pay anything for signing up?

Registering for a secure Platon Life wallet is completely free and there are no hidden fees. If you wish to increase the amount of security on your digital currencies, you can register for a blossom membership or contact us to become a private client.

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