Some stocks are already a huge bubble, how can you spot such a stock?


The bubble indicator is currently at 77%. In 2000 and 1929, when US markets experienced big problems caused by inflated stocks, this indicator was at 100%. This could mean that the stock market, or at least some stocks, is starting to be big bubble. Bubble means that a stock is traded for an unsustainably high

The world needs a new financial system – and here’s why

financial system

The financial system we know is outdated and could allow bad things to happen. Let’s take a look how one event showed the wrong side. Greed is bad We have already written to you about what happened to GameStop trading. It was an attempt by investors from the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets to thwart the plan

A fairer world after a pandemic? There are promises, but can they be carried out?


Do you also hope for a fairer and more sustainable world? It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The Great Reset builds its presentation on these words. Let’s take a look at where the hook might be. Like a chess game The pandemic showed us many things. Last but not least, it confirmed that governments

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies – what is the real driving force?


Surely each of you knows that a blockchain is needed for cryptocurrencies to work. But blockchain has many uses beyond cryptocurrencies. Have you ever thought about what is the real driving force for cryptocurrencies? Yes, it goes far beyond blockchain. Let’s take a look at the main topics that drive the use of cryptocurrencies and

Transformation of financial world is needed – will digital currencies play part?

bitcoin, finance, transformation

It is clear that transformation of financial world is needed. Digital currencies could be part of the solution, and in addition there is no third or central authority needed. Let’s take a look at the way cryptocurrencies go. Slowly but surely The slow penetration into the world and the path to adoption can be seen

Recurring investments – how it can pay off?


Surely many of you have already made some investments in cryptocurrencies, and you have certainly found out that such investments can be very lucrative, but also a great stress. Let’s take a look at what a recurring investment is and why you should make it. Investing can be stressful Everyone puts up with the stress

The biggest mistake of 2020 was to rely on state for help

state, week 09

According to an economist the recent events have shown that relying on the state for help was the biggest mistake one could make in 2020. Let’s take a look at how states have managed to undermine people’s trust. Closing and opening the economy Last year was also a huge test for states and governments due

This economic crisis may not just be another crisis

economic crisis

The words “economic crisis” could make us think that many things can collapse. The truth is that another crisis awaits us. But will it really be just another crisis? Let’s take a look at how another economic crisis may not be a complete crisis. Is inflation really that much needed? Technology is constantly pushing our

You should not listen to central banks – here is why

central banks

You probably know how central banks work. Surely you also know what central banks want to do with cryptocurrencies. Yes, we are talking about regulations. Let’s take a look at why we should not listen to central banks. Central Banks and regulations Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, called the development of Bitcoin

Stocks are good investment, but cryptocurrencies are better


Stocks could be a very good investment tool, but anyone who is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies knows that cryptocurrencies can be a very good investment tool as well. Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies stand against stocks. Bitcoin has the potential for growth The influx of institutional investors means a big step

Bill Gates: “These advances will make 2021 better than 2020”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, a name best known for his company Microsoft. A well-known businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist predicts what will happen in 2021. Let’s take a look at what awaits us this year according to Bill Gates. In 2021, coronavirus will be again the main topic Bill Gates has published an article on his blog

Why is it important to invest in cryptocurrencies and what is their potential?

the potential, week 08

The potential of cryptocurrencies is huge, if we are looking at the growing potential of the ecosystem and decentralization, not just at the return on investment. Let’s take a look at why it’s a good idea to invest until mass adoption has taken place. The potential is huge Cryptocurrencies are based on technology called blockchain.