Staking can be hard, but it also pays off


The crypto market crashes periodically. Sometimes a lot. How can staking help? When it does, it is mostly about emotions for retail traders and sometimes the best thing you can do is basically do nothing. In other words, it can also be called “staking cryptocurrencies”. Let’s take a look at what staking is and how

Ethereum is outperforming itself, what are the reasons?


If you’ve been watching what’s happening in the cryptospace, you’ve definitely not missed the epic growth of Ethereum, which recently broke through its ATH of $4,200. In two weeks, it basically quadrupled its value, which is a very impressive growth. Let’s see if this growth can continue. Why it matters The crypto market has spread

Warren Buffett: Prices are rising, people are saving up money, but will it be enough?

money, inflation

Money is an important part of our lives. The economy has experienced a major rebound in the recovery and prices are rising more and more. Inflation continues to cause large increases in price and society continues to be hit by the pressure of it all. Let’s take a look at why prices are rising and

Financial crisis could last until 2030 – why?

Debts, financial crisis

You probably know that we are currently in a time of a global financial downturn, or else, financial crisis. The truth is, however, that this crisis was not entirely caused by the pandemic, but long term circumstances led to it. The pandemic only accelerated everything. Let’s look at why the crisis should have been expected.

Prices of food are still rising and it could be a problem soon


Prices of food must be within acceptable levels so that everyone can eat healthily, regularly and without fear that they will not be able to afford to buy more food the next day. But inflation also affects food prices. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to pay attention to prices. Why it matters

Passive investment could be better than the active, but harder, too


Investing can be difficult and risky. The same sentiment, perhaps even more so, applies to passive investing. If you are investing, you may have heard of this type of investment. So let’s look at what secrets this type of investment hides. Why it matters There is ample evidence that passive investment almost always outperforms the

World has problems, what can you do to help solving them?

SDR, problems

It is no secret that the world is facing huge challenges. Many of these problems also depend on your point of view and they may not be interfering with your live. Currently, the biggest problems are: overpopulation, pandemic, refugees and climate change. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to solve these

Correction and recovery of a market, what you should know


The correction and recovery of cryptomarket can be tricky. Everyone who is trading cryptocurrencies knows that this is a very dynamic market, where everything changes every second. Everyone who trades also wants to generate profit. But the numbers are not always green. So let’s take a look at what to do when the market is

What Pantera Capital’s ICO fund performance could tell us

2020, week 11

Last year, according to a letter from Pantera Capital, the initial coin offer (ICO) increased by 362% year-on-year. Why it matters Those who remember the year 2017 and the boom of ICOs from various companies may have doubts as to whether this is a legitimate move by the Pantera Capital company. But it is worth

What is SDR and should we take a deeper look?

SDR, problems

It is quite possible that you have heard about SDR. It is also possible that you have not. If so, you probably know what this article will be about. If not, read on. Let’s take a look at what SDR is and what it means for the global currency. Why it matters The SDR can

The economic crisis was inevitable, how is that possible?

the economic crisis

The economic crisis, which began in March 2020, had been expected for several months before that. It was inevitable because what was happening at that time in the world always ends in crisis. Let’s take a look at why this economic crisis was inevitable and expected by many. Why it matters During 2020, some countries

Government aid is much different than in 2008, in what?


Government loans and incentives have also helped mitigate the effects of the pandemic. This is a very different approach than we experienced in 2008. Let’s take a look at what makes this approach different and how it could help. Why it matters This approach is very different from what we were able to see in