3 generations of cryptocurrencies

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Like all industries we know, cryptocurrencies are constantly developing. There are three generations already. Of course, everyone knows Bitcoin and considers it the first and best cryptocurrency, but the real development is going in a different direction and we already have other cryptocurrencies that are more technologically advanced. Let’s take a look at where the

What you need to know about the monetary system – Part 2 Present times


The monetary system has evolved over many years and there are many things that can confuse people. In addition to the monetary system we know today, alternative forms of currencies are also developing, which are definitely good to know. So let’s take a look at what you should know about the monetary system and its

Do you know how the names of famous cryptocurrencies came about?

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Have you ever wondered where the names of cryptocurrencies came from? Their names are so well-known, but in fact, it is often impossible to properly read what they are taken from or how they originated. So let’s take a look at how the names of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and PlatonCoin came about. Bitcoin

Can age play a role in how you understand cryptocurrencies?


Is it possible that age can have an impact on understanding cryptocurrencies? Surveys and studies show that cryptocurrencies tend to be preferred by people from the younger generation. So, if someone doesn’t understand cryptocurrencies, could they basically just be old? Let’s take a look at this. Age can play a role Cryptocurrencies have been moving

Can you spot a cryptocurrency scam ?

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If you hold any cryptocurrencies, you have certainly seen or even encountered an attempt of a scam. It’s interesting how such scams are often elaborate so that you can’t spot them at first glance. Or they directly target newbies who don’t have that much experience yet. Can you spot potential scams? Let’s take a look.

Feelings of financial insecurity can be alleviated, how?

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Many people nowadays live in financial insecurity for various reasons. A pandemic, a lack of financial literacy, an inability to save, a down payment, or anything else could be to blame. However, the important news is that there is a tool that can alleviate this uncertainty. Digital currency vs. fiat currency One of the main

What is preventing the full adoption of cryptocurrencies?

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Many of you have probably already asked yourself why we have not seen the full adoption of cryptocurrencies by more institutions and people. The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research and analytics division of the Economist Group, has addressed this very question. This company has released a new report called “Digimentality 2021”. Let’s take a look

Quantum physics – fundamentals and applicability to cryptocurrencies


Although it may not seem like it, quantum physics can help in several ways in the future with the development and further refinement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Therefore, it is good to know the basics of quantum physics. So let’s take a look at them. What is quantum physics Quantum physics is a set of