Видения могут быть достаточно мощными, чтобы показать нам путь к развитию

2020, неделя 11, видения

Visions are something that can help humanity to evolve and move forward. Some sound better, some sound worse. Other suggest what life might look like in the future. Let’s take a look at what some of the visions for our possible future are.

Почему это важно

Visions are a culmination of ideas, principles and ethics, and many of them work with the status quo, enticing us to imagine something better and greater. But sometimes you can find a prediction that sounds very real. The Global Technology Governance Summit offered us 5 visions of what the world could look like in the future. As this summit was under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, the coronavirus pandemic and technologies that can help us get back to normal were also discussed.

5 visions of a future

First up was synthetic biology, which is helping with the fight against COVID-19. It involves changing the genome, but also creating something completely new, almost like “programming life”. Then there is the possibility of a diminished reality. It’s possible that in the future something will come along that could dampen urban noise and help with making things more comfortable. Also, artificial intelligence, where many people fear losing their jobs, is more likely to create more jobs in the meantime.

Some may find the idea of a future riddled with technology a little frightening, which is understandable, because one of the visions is to push technology to places where we cannot yet imagine it. A smart hologram could be anywhere if it is needed. Conversely, the idea of more efficient education may be more palatable. The school system is outdated and in need of renewal. Interactivity and individual approach could help with better education.

Что ты можешь сделать

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Источник: weforum.org

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