What Pantera Capital’s ICO fund performance could tell us

2020, неделя 11, видения

Last year, according to a letter from Pantera Capital, the initial coin offer (ICO) increased by 362% year-on-year.

Почему это важно

Those who remember the year 2017 and the boom of ICOs from various companies may have doubts as to whether this is a legitimate move by the Pantera Capital company. But it is worth remembering that many things have emerged from the ICO that still work even today. For example, Ethereum.

То, что вы можете услышать

Pantera Capital generates big profits. The year 2020 was crucial for digital assets, and it is true that the pandemic also helped in this way. We monitored the development of digital assets and the adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies by many companies. So it is possible that we will see further developments and many more opportunities for the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in our daily lives in the future. The Pantera Capital company believes that we are still in the beginning and everything will continue to develop.

Что это может означать

The Pantera Capital company usually diversifies its portfolio into 10-15 liquid tokens and strategically selects decentralized finances and assets. ICO is not the only source of income. For example, the digital asset fund grew by 224% and Pantera’s Bitcoin fund is up 218%. Pantera Capital could thus set an example for others who are interested in digital assets.

Что ты можешь сделать

Digital assets are already an important part of the financial world. It is therefore good to develop your knowledge of these assets, as it is a field with rapid development. If you would like to learn more about digital assets, you can take advantage of studying with our Platon Academy, which will take you through the world of digital assets from the beginning.

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