There are more cryptocurrency users in the world than you might think

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Have you ever wondered how many users are in the world of cryptocurrencies? If not, try it now. What is your estimate?

Let’s take a look at how many cryptocurrency users are out there.

Huge increase

In 2018, the 2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study estimated that there were approximately 35 million authenticated cryptocurrency users. Currently, up to 191 million accounts are open on cryptocurrency exchanges. This is an increase of 189%. Are you curious about the reason?

There are several reasons. There is an increase in the number of accounts (here it is 37%) and also a larger share of accounts per individual. So people hold more wallets, which may be due to the fact that it is not possible to trade all assets on one exchange.

The research combined public data and surveys using a combination of verified users. Thus, scientists believe that although the method used has its limitations, it still offers a reliable approximate figure.

In one word: freedom

That number is huge, isn’t it? In this perspective, it is beautiful to see how people are starting to lean more towards cryptocurrencies and to having a freedom of choice. Some see protection of property, possibly against inflation in cryptocurrencies. The reason for entering cryptocurrencies is different for each individual, and yet they have one thing in common: freedom.


The growing number of people using криптокорреспонденты is a very good news for possible adoption by mainstream society. However, it is still necessary to emphasize that even the cryptoworld can hide pitfalls and dangers, and it is necessary to constantly study and broaden your horizons. Entering cryptocurrency markets is very easy nowadays, but orientation can be a challenge for someone. If you decide to invest, first study what the investment entails and remember the golden rule: invest only as much as you can afford to lose.


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