10 tips on how to properly set strategy for cryptoinvestments


Have you ever thought about your investment strategy and what will you do when you earn enough money and want to exit the market?

Let’s take a look at what is important in your investment strategy, so that you don’t unnecessarily lose your money.


There are many ways to enjoy your money. Surely each of us has some idea of ​​what to do with деньги. Have you really thought about it? Do you want to reinvest or just spend your money on an expensive vacation?

For example there is a person who won money in the lottery. Because he didn’t expect it, he has no clear plan for what to do with the money. Where and how to store it or where to invest. Maybe he pays debts, if he has any and he has a great tendency to gamble. All thanks to the vision of another easy income.

10 tips on strategy

To set up a plan in a case of a win or successful investment, we can start with the following 10 tips:

• At what price are you willing to sell your cryptocurrencies or investments?
• Don’t be greedy, the next bull run may not work out how you would expect.
• Be ready to pay taxes.
• Talk to your accountant to know how much you need to put aside.
• If you decide to reinvest, do so.
• Don’t test your luck, if you are in the green, draw some part of your earnings. The cryptomarket is fast and changes very quickly.
• Watch your cryptocurrencies evolve and always have a plan for what you want to do.
• You need to know where to keep the money or cryptocurency you earn, even if it’s just for a while.
• If you want to reinvest in another asset, first do research to know what you want to invest in.
• Contact an expert if you are not sure.

As long as you have the time

Explore the market and think while you have the time. When the market falls, it is a very rapid decline. At that moment, emotions rise and you can lose your investments unnecessarily. Monitoring the market in which you invest is an important thing.


Investment in general is a very risky business. The market, especially for cryptocurrencies, is fast and changes de facto every second. Therefore, the investment must be thought through and one must have a clear goal. At the same time, it is necessary to be able to keep a cool head, even if everything does not go according to your ideas. And most importantly, remember the golden rule of investment in cryptocurrencies – always invest only as much as much you can afford to lose.

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