Цены на продукты питания долгое время росли, что это может значить для нашего будущего?

цены на продукты питания, неделя 17

Food prices have been rising for a long time and it seems that this growth is not over yet. Let’s take a look at how the food market will develop and what the consequences could be for our future.

Почему это важно

Food prices have been rising for many years. However, the sudden sharp rise is caused by a pandemic, and if this rise in prices continues, humanity may face a very difficult future. According to the Food Price Index from the Food Organization, prices rose by 2.4% in February. This is the ninth month of growth and the index will reach its highest levels since 2014 soon.

То, что вы можете услышать

The consequences will last longer and they will go beyond the pandemic. The lockdown caused by a pandemic is devastating for keeping food prices at current levels. Last year, Brazil recorded the fastest rise in food prices in relation to inflation. Some countries have managed to keep prices affordable, but at the cost of higher subsidies, the planned end of which has resulted in protests.

Что это может означать

Rising prices are costing the most the poorest people, who are spending more than a third of their income on food. In 2020, food prices in America rose by 3%. However, the real problem may arise in countries where a large proportion of people are on the brink of poverty. Food prices have risen around the world, and governments fear that a rapid rise in prices will result in protests and riots.

Что ты можешь сделать

In this situation, it is noticeable that the food system is fragile and dependent on food from the largest suppliers. The time we are currently in is very difficult and we need to protect our property and our money as much as possible. One form of protection is investment. But remember the golden rule of инвестирование: инвестируйте только столько, сколько вы можете позволить себе потерять.

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