Коррекция и восстановление рынка, что вы должны знать


The correction and recovery of cryptomarket can be tricky. Everyone who is trading cryptocurrencies knows that this is a very dynamic market, where everything changes every second. Everyone who trades also wants to generate profit. But the numbers are not always green. So let’s take a look at what to do when the market is going through a correction or recovery.

Почему это важно

It is quite possible that you have heard that dealing with cryptocurrencies is mainly about emotions. It is true. As this market is very volatile, one day you may be in the green, but the next you may be losing money. As such, Bitcoin has already undergone several phases of bull and bear markets.

То, что вы можете услышать

So far, Bitcoin has managed to get out of every correction. It is therefore quite possible that it will also recover from the next one. But what you usually don’t hear anymore is information on how many trades it took to get Bitcoin to where it was before each correction. The truth is that every time more and more trading needs to be done. But that can’t go on indefinitely.

Что это может означать

With each new correction, it is harder and harder for Bitcoin to get back on track. With each new correction, it is possible to consider amounts between 10 – 100 billion dollars. For traders, both retail and institutional, recovery from corrections will become more and more difficult.

Что ты можешь сделать

Trading and investing involves emotions in general. But if you are interested in how such a world works and what you need to know about it, you can try studying with our Platon Trading Academy, which will give you information about trade, инвестиции and digital currencies. Studying is for everyone, whether you are a complete novice or have been trading for several years.

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