First crypto company was listed on Nasdaq, what it means for us?

nasdaq Coinbase

It’s quite possible that you’ve heard of Coinbase being listed on Nasdaq publicly. It is the first crypto company in history to be listed there. Let’s take a look at what this may mean for the crypto-community in the future.

Почему это важно

Coinbase shares traded $30 billion in a single day. For comparison: the stock exchange itself does not trade that much in a week. Thanks to the growth of crypto assets, wealth also increased. It is more than clear that this step will make many people into new millionaires. But it’s not just because cryptocurrencies are getting closer and closer to mainstream use.

То, что вы можете услышать

Enthusiasm can be heard from all sides. From investors, traders and institutions. After all, this is the first crypto exchange to be listed on Nasdaq in the history. You will also find a voice of distrust as to whether it was the right move for Coinbase. There are also concerns about Coinbase’s CEO selling the shares on the very day for almost 300 mil. USD.

Что это может означать

Thanks to Coinbase’s listing on the Nasdaq, the cryptocurrency business is much more mainstream than it might have looked a few years back. It also means that cryptocurrencies were validated as a serious alternative to other types of investment in the eyes of regulators and large institutions and thus we can expect more institutions investing in cryptocurrencies on one hand but also more interest from regulators on the other hand.

Что ты можешь сделать

You can still hop on the train and start investing in криптокорреспонденты. But the truth is that investing can be risky and you need to know all the pros and cons before you start. If you are interested in investing and do not know how to start, you can start with our Platon Trading Academy, which will guide you through the business world from the beginning.


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