Platon Life’s official statement on the information that is beginning to circulate in the media


UPDATED 11.06.2022, 22:50


Platon Life has duly fulfilled all its obligations to all its clients and partners and no official complaint or proceedings of any kind have been initiated by clients or partners to date. 

Further, Platon Life and its founders are duly complying with all their financial and legal obligations arising from the company’s business. 

An investigation is currently underway and no charges have been brought against Platon Life company. Platon Life and its representatives are providing full cooperation to all government authorities, including providing access to all information and data. 

It should also be reported that no one from Platon Life’s PR department has been contacted by phone or email for an official statement or comment on this misleading information to the media, although some media outlets are claiming otherwise.

Over time, Platon Life has built several services and products that together form the Platon Life ecosystem. The core components of the Platon Life ecosystem are the secure and insured digital Platon Wallet, the Platon Store and the Platon Auction portal. 

A form of digital currency was chosen to ensure the security and speed of transactions between the ecosystem components and clients. The PlatonCoin digital currency provides the benefits of blockchain technology combined with the security guarantees of strong partners such as Broadcom and Tatum, an insured wallet and a customer service. PlatonCoin currently runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Founded in 2017, Platon Life has worked with strong partners to develop services and products that have received repeated support from these partners in the years since. One partner, Microsoft for Startups, for example, has decided to increase its support even further in 2021 and provide additional resources for the company’s development. 

Evidence of the transparency of Platon Life’s business is, for example, the fact that Platon Life LTD was registered on 8 December 2021 under registration number 828887 with the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM), established by the UN Last but not least, it has also committed to the strict transparency and business ethics requirements of the EU Transparency Register Membership Code, where it was registered in November 2021.

Platon Life therefore objects to indirect and unsubstantiated information of a speculative nature in the media, which is a blatant attempt to damage the reputation of the company and its founders, Daniel and Julia Tanner.



Media attack on Platon Life in connection with attempted blackmailing


Information on the investigation

As noted above, Platon Life and all of its agents and employees are providing full cooperation to government authorities, including access to all information and data, and Platon Life is duly fulfilling all of its obligations to all of its clients and partners.

No further information or comment on the ongoing investigation can be provided at this time.

Information on the media attack

The facts described above have been presented by an unnamed online tabloid magazine in a manner that intentionally damages and defames the reputation of Platon Life and its founders through misleading, incomplete, manipulative and other unfair practices. After the first two articles were published with this intent, Platon Life representatives were contacted with an offer to withdraw the articles for a fee. Platon Life has refused this and will refer everything, including proof of the request for payment for the withdrawal of the articles, to the Czech Police and take further appropriate legal action.

In addition, the tabloid article linked to a person who has long attempted to damage and defame Platon Life in various ways on social media and otherwise. Despite repeated offers by Platon Life representatives to meet in person and clarify all the unsubstantiated allegations, this person refused to meet and continued to act in a manner detrimental to Platon Life’s name. Platon Life also has evidence of this conduct, which it will forward to the Czech Police.