Finanční systém potřebuje změnu, ale jakou?

financial system

The financial system needs a change. If you’ve been following our articles long enough, you know that there are various alternatives to the fiat currencies we know today. Many of these alternatives are digital. Central banks are trying to issue their own digital forms of their currencies. But could that be a good solution? Why

08. týden - Přehled hlavních zpráv a trhů

the potential, week 08

Welcome to our weekly brief. Here you will find what is going on on the markets and what are expected events in week 08. It should help you with jumping back on track.  Fundamentals and expected events: week 08 Cryptocurrencies: After this historic high of over $ 58,000, Bitcoin fell briefly by more than $

Technická analýza PlatonCoin (PLTC) 05. 02. 2021

PLTC, people, investing, home

PlatonCoin (PLTC) price as of Feb 05 2021 is $0,514930 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $217 284 USD. PlatonCoin is down 1,17% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #609, with a market cap of $12 994 071 USD. It has a circulating supply of 25 234 641 PLTC coins and a max. supply of 300 000 000 PLTC coins. Technical analysis PLTC/USDT PlatonCoin, PLTC is Platon Finance’s digital

Transformace finančního světa je nutná - budou hrát roli i digitální měny?

bitcoin, finance, transformation

It is clear that transformation of financial world is needed. Digital currencies could be part of the solution, and in addition there is no third or central authority needed. Let’s take a look at the way cryptocurrencies go. Slowly but surely The slow penetration into the world and the path to adoption can be seen

Opakující se investice - jak se můžou vyplatit?


Surely many of you have already made some investments in cryptocurrencies, and you have certainly found out that such investments can be very lucrative, but also a great stress. Let’s take a look at what a recurring investment is and why you should make it. Investing can be stressful Everyone puts up with the stress

Největší švýcarská banka odpovídá na otázku, zda byste měli investovat do Bitcoinu

One large Swiss bank decided to change the classical approach of banks towards cryptocurrencies and offers a guidance about how to invest in them. Let’s take a look at why UBS decided to take such a step. Guidance by a bank The bank recently published a report in which it answers questions from clients who

Tato ekonomická krize nemusí být jen další krizí

economic crisis

The words “economic crisis” could make us think that many things can collapse. The truth is that another crisis awaits us. But will it really be just another crisis? Let’s take a look at how another economic crisis may not be a complete crisis. Is inflation really that much needed? Technology is constantly pushing our

Akcie jsou dobrou investicí, ale kryptoměny jsou lepší


Stocks could be a very good investment tool, but anyone who is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies knows that cryptocurrencies can be a very good investment tool as well. Let’s take a look at how cryptocurrencies stand against stocks. Bitcoin has the potential for growth The influx of institutional investors means a big step

Fed může být v blízké budoucnosti příčinou velkých problémů


You probably have heard that the Fed is printing money to prevent a new financial crisis. Did you know that for every $ 100, there are $ 20 of newly printed money? Let’s take a look at what this could mean for the financial system and the near future. FED and $ 9 trillion American

Opozice by mohla vést veřejnost ke kryptoměnám


When you look back and evaluate last year, one word besides pandemic is emerging – opposition. Many things were very much opposed by the public. Let’s take a look at the contradictions we encountered last year. Opposition due to global chaos Let’s start from the beginning of last year. The pandemic began to gradually hit

Jste chytří v obchodování a nákupu kryptoměn?


Being smart in trading is something that many people strive for. Of course, this also applies to cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at how to buy and trade smart. Silent players Cryptocurrencies have been with us for some time and have made many people rich. However you do not hear many stories about them. And