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How to prepare for retirement today?

Retirement is a well-deserved rest in old age and you definitely need to prepare for it. Possibilities how to prepare change over the generations, and it is no different for millennials. A survey conducted by Investopedia gives us insight into how this demographic group is preparing for retirement. Retirement and cryptocurrencies Preparations for a well-deserved…

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5 most common mistakes of a new investor

5 most common mistakes of a new investor If you are new to the financial markets, you might have already been there. Invested money you might have even borrowed in something without a plan or strategy. Sold in panic, when the stock started to fall. Well, every investor has to start somewhere. The best way…


Ronald-Peter Stoeferle: Gold is Volvo, Bitcoin is Ducati

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Austrian investor and managing partner and fund manager of Incrementum AG, was recently interviewed by Kitco News, where he gave his insight on cryptocurrencies and gold. During the interview, he also presented several arguments for his view. Let’s take a look at them. Ronald-Peter Stoeferle: Bitcoin is Ducati The investor believes that the…

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