The world economy – what direction could it take?

world economy

Have you ever wondered where the world economy might be heading? Will it move towards a more universal economy, or will it still be fragmented by country or region? Or a bit of both? Let’s look at the possibilities.

The world economy in cryptocurrencies

Some of you have thought about the growing adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. Yes, cryptocurrencies are indeed becoming more accepted despite today’s events, bans and regulations. Like everything, cryptocurrencies are evolving impermanently. The two largest, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are working to be more energy friendly for the planet and can offer better services at the same time. So there is still the possibility, despite increasing regulation, that one day cryptocurrencies will go mainstream and a one-world universal economy will emerge.

Or in the CBDC

Of course, banks are responding to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, and many of the world’s central banks are now focusing their further development on CBDC – central bank digital currency. This system will be regulated and serve the same purpose as the current main currency system. However, the goals of CBDC should be such that it meets the needs of the economy and is easy to use for the general public. It should also help the people who cannot access banking services.


Another possibility for the development of the world economy is a combination of the two mentioned above. When there will be a world economy that runs alongside regulated cryptocurrencies and everyone will be able to choose which option they find more friendly. This option also seems to be the most likely so far. But it should also be mentioned that everything can change as well. However, there are already ecosystems that offer the best of both centralized and decentralized worlds. Our PlatonCoin (PLTC), for example, is part of this.

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However, whichever way the economy evolves, there is always a need to stay on top of things and to educate yourselves on financial literacy when necessary. Knowledge of both banking systems and cryptocurrencies will then help you in making better decisions on which option you find more favorable.


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