According to the WEF, you will be happy in the future, but is that really true?

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The Great Reset and pandemics are often mentioned in one sentence. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is presenting its opinion that no one, institution or individual, can solve the challenges of a complex world alone and offers Great Reset as a possible solution. Let’s take a closer look.

Davos 2021 by WEF

Davos 2021 will be digital, according to the WEF, and by all accounts it looks like a precursor to the public unveiling of the Great Reset Initiative. That is already being highlighted that the pandemic has only accelerated the development of systemic changes that were already evident before. Another thing that the pandemic is being attached to is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This set of 17 goals was adopted back in 2015 by a total of 193 UN member states.

The 2030 Agenda

This agenda envisions a safe, poverty-free, hunger-free world where everyone works, has access to quality education and health care is easily accessible, inclusive and sufficient. Another point is gender equality and, above all, a sustainable environment that will no longer deteriorate. Other promises are peace, prosperity and partnership. All countries will work equally on the agenda so that no one is left behind.

What is the current situation?

If we take a closer look at what lies beneath the surface of this agenda, we find that perhaps the WEF is not so far from the truth. The global change agenda includes things like social credit scoring. Social scoring or better put Bonus programme, was already introduced in China and it indeed has its benefits, but it comes with the cost of loosing a lot of our privilidges, we got used to, at least in Europe, such as free movement of people and goods, hassle free travelling, responsibility for own’s health and more.

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There are many things that could have a negative impact, such as the lack of privacy or the loss of the ability to buy anything freely with your money. Already today many people are turning to alternatives that give them back the control and ownership of property and money. If you want to learn about these alternatives, such as digital currencies, contact us.


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