We should learn from our history so that we can improve the future

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We know the history of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was born in 2008 as a response to the financial crisis. Since then more and more people have found their way to cryptocurrencies.

Let’s see how cryptocurrencies could shape the future world.

The current financial system is great, but only for someone

The origin of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be understood as another view of what the world should look like. We know that the current financial system is not perfect and has huge defects that force many people to live on the brink of poverty. Bitcoin thus gave people the opportunity to see finance differently and realize how broken the current financial system is.

Everyone agrees on the need for a new and better financial system, but opinions differ on what such a system should look like. While some people still want to keep finances centralized so that a handful of people decide the fate of many people, others want to decide together.

Why it couldn’t work differently?

The centralized system has been here for so long that many people cannot even imagine that it could work differently. Almost any attempt of decentralization is undermined by some form of centralization. It’s the same with cryptocurrencies. Decentralization has the power to show full democracy, with destiny in the hands of all citizens. But we are still forced to play our part and keep the system running according to its rules.

Blockchain came to us with the vision that such a future is possible. We should all have the same opportunities, no matter where we are from or who we are. Blockchain could connect our world, regardless of language, nationality or religion. Powerfull people are still trying to centralize this future so that they do not lose their existing power.

We could finally learn something from the history. The fact is that none of the centralized powers lasted. Maybe it is time to try something different.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain showed us the way that the future could be much friendlier. Let us not be intimidated by centralized power and think freely. Everything in the world has one thing in common – everything that started once, has to end once. This also applies to finance system and centralization of power.

Source: cointelegraph.com

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