We have a fully digital world, minus one thing

digital world

We are living in a digital world. Let’s be honest, can you imagine your life without the internet? Probably not. But I have a question for you. Do we have digital equivalents for everything?

Let’s take a look and see if we can achieve this goal.

Benefits of a digital world

The benefits of a digital world are simple. It’s quick, flexible, you can enter it everywhere and anywhere, if you need it. Technology has connected the world we live in. We don’t have to wait for news from around the world, we can find any information we want on PC’s, laptops and even through mobile phones. If you are looking for a job, you can find one through the internet. You can order goods, aquire entertainment, study etc. It just made our lives simpler and faster.

Everything we know can be replaced with a digital form. We can trust robots to perform heart surgery with extreme precision, or we can have intelligent homes that can speak to us. The digital world is simply amazing, isn’t it? Perhaps in the future we will have androids who can walk, talk and work instead of us. But that’s a little bit too far away from the present.

But why not everything?

If you think about it, there is still one thing that is not completely digital. Yes, we are talking about money and currency. But why? What is the reason for this? The truth is we have had this type of currency for a long time. We believe it and we don’t doubt it. We have a kind of “digital money” in the form of internet banking. If we want to move on, we need to have true digital currency.

The best solution would be cryptocurrencies because of their safety and decentralized nature. We would have full control over our money. And if we want to have a beautiful future, we need a currency system that we can trust.


Think about it. Why are goverments still supporting “analog” currencies? Why do we have a digital world without digital money? Maybe it’s time to say “stop”, turn to cryptocurrencies and live free lives.

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