The video game field and the metaverse have more in common than you think

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You might think of the word video game when you hear the word metaverse. That’s perfectly fine, because the two can be very closely related. There are many other things that can be related to the metaverse, but gaming will be one of the main parts that will keep many people coming back. Let’s take a look at that.

The game economy

It is estimated that within a few years, many people will be spending at least an hour a day in the metaverse. Can you imagine what that will be like? Aside from the possibility of work meetings in a virtual space or engineers getting together to test prototypes, it could be playing video games. It’s logical. The metaverse is a virtual space and so it gives us a chance to imagine what could be possible. At the same time, thanks to the metaverse, we have the opportunity to engage in a unique game economy and play-to-earn model of gaming.


For many years, the way it was with video games was that the developers of the video game and possibly those involved in the creation of the game got the money, but players just had fun and could put money into some games. We still have games like that today, and even though the game is essentially free, buying in-game currency can go a long way towards getting a coveted level or getting some nice cosmetics. But the metaverse would help you to earn through gaming. This concept already exists, however the metaverse takes this to an even higher level.

These games use NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as in-game items. The object can be anything, an animal, clothes or even a car. With these NFTs, depending on the type of game, you can perhaps fight other players, train them or simply wait for them to gain value. In a model situation, for example, you might have a dragon that when you train and sell, you get a price in currency, which you can then exchange for cryptocurrency or real currency. So you’ll be able to virtually do what you like and still get paid for it. How does that sound?

Tip: The future is digital – in gaming, education and work

Other options

The Metaverse isn’t just here for the video games, of course, but it carries a whole host of options that it can provide. Work meetings and shopping have already been mentioned, but recently the first ever operation was carried out thanks to the virtual space. Doctors were 900 km apart and were able to have real-time communication with each other thanks to AR (augmented reality) goggles. The delay was solved with a 5G network, so it was not noticeable and the reactions could be precise and immediate. These capabilities will grow and evolve further thanks to the metaverse.

Platon Life and NFT platform

Recognising the potential of the rapidly growing NFT market, Platon Life is also paying attention to this sector and preparing an NFT platform. In addition, building on our existing auction portal, we are developing the possibility to participate in online auctions of digitized (tokenized) works in the form of NFTs in cooperation with our curator Pavel Št’astný.


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