Hot News: Victims of the Ledger personal data leak received mysterious packages

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Key message: Users, who were affected by the Ledger data leak late last year, are now getting suspicious hardware devices in the mail. But the problem is that they didn’t purchase any Ledger and the wallets sent to them have strange markings. This experience was shared by a contributor on Reddit.

Ledger hacking attack

A user’s post appeared on Reddit about receiving a hardware wallet that he didn’t order. Included in the package along with the wallet was a letter full of grammatical errors explaining that Ledger was replacing all of its clients’ devices for security reasons. However, the packaging is damaged and when disassembled there are significant differences between the real Ledger and this scam. This is a blatant phishing attack that is quite bold.

The attack on the company took place late last year. It leaked personal data – names, phone numbers and addresses of a total of 272,000 customers. The data was subsequently made public. After the attack, the company reassured its customers that the attack could not have breached their hardware wallets because the hackers had no way to access them. However, it appears that the entire time it was quiet, the attackers were working on altering the hardware wallets so that they could then send them out to clients.

If you receive such a suspicious package, definitely do not use the wallet and do not connect it to your PC. This case proved once again that not even a hardware cold wallet offers a 100% security. On the other hand, our Platon Wallet is insured for up to EUR 1 million for the loss of your funds, which is more than a bank account insurance of EUR 250 000.


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