Transformation of education system

VR, education

Education can be defined as the process of conscious and active acquisition, transmission, mediation and formation of a system of knowledge and / or skills of a person. In addition to students, the active presence of a lecturer or teacher is an integral part of education.

Traditional schools vs. online education

Benches and chairs made of wood or plastic, wooden or plastic tables and rooms full of seven to fifteen year old people, located in stone institutions with a large inscription: SCHOOL. This is the current picture of institutional education, but it will go through a transformation process over the years. It has already started, as was proved by the possibility of online education.
The traditional concept of education will also affect the future of pedagogical staff, by replacing teachers by technical means, which we already know today as artificial intelligence (A.I.).

New set of subjects and requirements

The requirements placed upon students will have to change as well. It is possible to expect in the future also partial or complete elimination of currently known subjects. With the onset as well as the boom of digitization, targeted areas of subjects will be created, which will, within the personified predispositions of each individual, support his or her personal growth. Thus, education becomes for every person from a young age the way of preparation for a predetermined future professional placement. This significantly eliminates the inadequate generation of the number of theoretically educated, but professionally and practically unusable people.

VR comes in the picture

School desks will be replaced by virtual reality environment, where students will communicate with each other only through internal social networks, whose educationally oriented mutual communication will be controlled by AI, in order to eliminate distortion of information that could carry inaccurate elements.


It is questionable to assess today whether such a future of education will be the right way. As you read these lines, some of you will have a chill running down your spine and you can’t imagine it, but our future generations will be born into such an environment and will therefore perceive it as a natural part and a process of their personal development and growth. Only we, who have experienced the “smell” of the school environment, dirty hands from the chalk and mutual physical moments, experienced with classmates, will be able to remember what it was like once-amazing …

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