The Great Reset plan by World Economic Forum and what is behind it?


It is possible that you have already heard about The Great Reset, or maybe not yet. However, there are many things behind those words that we will introduce today.

Let’s take a look at what is behind The Great Reset.

4 pillars of the Great Reset

The project, called the Great Reset, seeks to use this moment for the benefit of people. That is what the information on the public web page states. There are such options here, of course, but question is if it will trully be an effort to improve the lives of all people?

The project consists of 4 basic pillars – Change in thinking, Influence of technology, New metrics and Motivation.

Surely you have heard many times that humanity is selfish, aggressive and unwilling. It is not true. Consider how much solidarity arose during the two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although not a pleasant situation at all, people helped each other.

Measuring the right thing is important

Today’s times are very specific. We have tables, numbers and plans for everything. But is this really the data we need? In many cases, unfortunately, no. In order to relocate resources to the administration and support the necessary projects or industries, we need new and accurate data that we now do not get from the old system.

You’ve probably heard about climate change, social issues, discrimination and about many companies that are trying to help. Unfortunately, many of the companies are just trying to make as much money as possible in the shortest time possible, which reflects the above. Money must be placed where it is needed instead.

Technology unites us, but also divides us

During the lockdown, many of us stayed at home and completely reduced contact with the world. We do have the internet and videochats, so we can last for a while. But the truth is that if it will come out of the eyes, it will come out of the mind, and yet, you will limit that contact in a moment until you cut it off completely.


The pandemic has costed us many things. However, it also showed us the positive aspects, which, as humanity, we are still able to achieve. Don’t get cut off, take active interest in the surroundings and help your family and friends. Now it is needed much more than ever. We will definitely write about The Great Reset more. Stay tuned.


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