The quantum internet may be the future, not just science fiction

Bill Gates, quantum

The internet is very familiar to us today. It has been around for some time, but how about quantum internet? Today’s internet was considered a revolutionary technology that has made typewriters defunct and made personal computers mainstream. Is there a possibility that the network as we know it may move further in its evolution? There is already blockchain in the world that is considered to be the future of this network, but there is another possibility. The quantum internet. Let’s take a look at why quantum could be the future and what it could bring.

What’s quantum internet?

The quantum internet works a little differently than the classical internet we know now. It works on the basis of entanglement, which is a strange quantum mechanical property. Using this property, scientists want to achieve instantaneous and trustworthy connections over long distances. The possibilities of quantum networks are vast, from fine-tuning clocks, to the most secure networks, to the ability of tracking distant star systems. But until this technology is available, the full potential of qubits will not be realised.

Will the quantum internet be available?

Most of us have heard of quantum computers and chips. They are bringing the quantum internet back into the spotlight. But to bring such computers and networks to life, we will need to connect a few nodes and start testing. The first pieces of quantum technology are already in place, but much research is still needed before we can see the possibility of using them on a daily basis as we use computers and the Internet today.

Qubits and cryptocurrencies

This idea also brings many people to wonder how such technology could work with cryptocurrencies. It could definitely help with securing transactions and better encrypting not just cryptocurrencies, but other programs that may, at least for a time, become unhackable. We could also see many more applications of such an internet in the future.


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