The other side of digitization, or welcome to a new world


Want to talk about the future? Welcome and enter a new world! A world of our old acquaintance – social networks, which have long since become authoritarian tools with unlimited powers and the ability to observe our privacy, which we have actually agreed to ourselves and voluntarily, through the publication of our – materialistic world.

Welcome to the world of mobile operators competing just to give us almost “free high quality” smartphones with built-in AI technology. There’s an app that looks like a pedometer designed to measure our “burned calories” while walking, but actually locating our current location and distance from home. Built-in high-tech cameras, with tens of megapixels, where we would otherwise need telescopes in other circumstances – capture our faces. Fingerprint function, allowing you to open even the most encrypted app on our mobile devices, without which we can’t go outside, or even to the bathroom for that matter.

This is the current result of digitization.

Do you think that all the “IT gadgets” that turn you into half-brained addicted users were designed for our personal well-being and pleasure? Unfortunately that’s not the case…

The world of human freedom and rights has been changing for years, but now we, as humanity, have entered a higher level. We have become modern slaves who, in the coming months, will “sniff in” new gadgets, but also biological surveillance. Unfortunately, successfully conquering COVID-19 will not give us back our good old life.

We no longer live in a democratic society as humanity. We are entering a world that will be accompanied by frequent and very diverse crises, a world of greater personal isolation, a world where the word privacy will have no meaning.

Unfortunately, individuals in society will not have a chance to succeed. Therefore, it is essential to work towards communities, as PlatonLife foresees, through an internal social-decentralized network.

But when in this biotechnological enthusiasm will man and his human dignity and pride, along with the personal freedom that is part of human nature, find himself – in a year? Unfortunately, none of us ordinary people know. But we must at least try to maintain a community technology link, because not every mobile application or intention is toxic. Platon Life is not and never will be…